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How do I get a fund from Mass Capital Investment?

Are you a project owner or business owner and want to invest and expand your project activity? Or even want to start your own project? Are you looking for financing for large projects, or are you an ambitious young man looking for financing for youth projects? Tired of searching for an international project finance company, or project finance websites on the internet?

We realize the difficulty of searching how to develop projects and finding loans to expand them, and we realize that searching for financing for your project may be a great challenge, whether in order to raise capital to start the project or expand the activity of your current project.

But you do not have to worry anymore, Mass Capital Investment guarantees you the continuity of financing and the sustainability of your project, from its inception until it appears to the world.

Mass Capital Investment adopts all fields in project financing: such as education, food and beverage, health, manufacturing, restaurants and hospitality, pharmaceuticals, sports, insurance, agriculture, e-commerce, entertainment, construction and contracting.

One of the advantages of Mass Capital Investment Project financing programs is how quick the funding starts, as financing begins within 21-30 days of delivery and verification of guarantees. 

Mass Capital Investment grants its clients a long grace period to repay the loan from one year to 4 years. As well as multiple options for starting the disbursement, as the first disbursement can be made in the form of smaller payments or in total. Mass Capital Investment enables project owners to finance large and small projects, with a wide range of 13 billion US dollars. It has a relatively low interest rate range of 1% to 3% of the financing amount, as well as a long loan repayment period from 12 years to 25 years.

Mass Capital Investment Funding processes go as:

Make sure that your papers match the terms and conditions then prepare the following papers:

  1. Bank Guarantee (Preferably from top 25 Banks)
  2. Standby letter of credit (SBLC)
  3. Issuing bonds (Development Bond, Treasury bond,
  4. certificates)
  5. Sovereign Guarantee
  6. 0wnership of Mineral Reserves
  7. MTN / LTN
  8. Blocked Funds by MT760
  9. Any international instrument that have ISIN # and can be verified

Note that:

  • The application should be made in the form of an official submission from the project owner.
  • Financial bank instrument of at least 35% of the face value is required to mitigate Mass Capital Investment’s risk.

Then fill the application form (link) and wait for one of our agents to contact you.

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