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The critical value of financial restructuring for corporations and companies?

Financial restructuring is a topic for serious discussion in the business world and among project owners and investors. Can your project or organization benefit from financial restructuring?

Let’s get acquainted with the financial restructuring.. Simply, it is any fundamental change in the financial structure of the company, its ownership, or its management, that reviews its status as a business summary with the aim of increasing the value of the company.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to increase the value of your company, you need to reorganize your financial assets to create a better, more stable and higher value situation for the company.

Financial crises, especially in large projects, happen suddenly and are not noticed until it is too late. Because it is easy, while managing your daily affairs, to get distracted from small problems.

When it is too late, after these problems accumulate and grow, the company faces an unprecedented financial crisis. In such cases, finding the underlying causes can be a time-consuming and difficult process, often requiring the assistance of an outside company.

It gets worse when problems pile up and aren’t resolved early, or just hope it will work itself out, which is the perfect way to see a company implode from within. On the other hand, when business owners have to make difficult and crucial decisions, there is often a fear of making the wrong decisions.

At MCI, we specialize in financial restructuring of companies facing such difficulties and problems. As an external third party, we have the ability to properly assess the needs of a project or organization and develop an optimal solution.

MCI provides an integrated strategic plan to reorganize the financial assets and liabilities of institutions and make the best use of regular steps to reorganize capital and debt.

In detail, what is the financial restructuring?

In the event of excessive debt, we negotiate directly with creditors and sellers to create payment plans that are acceptable to both parties. By liquidating limited assets and financing accounts receivable, we secure capital that the company can use to expand. We also help create a business plan that details the company’s financial direction and the steps needed to achieve success.

Why trust the experts of MCI?

With more than fifteen years of experience, MCI is an international development institution specialized in financial advisory, project and infrastructure financing, and the development and encouragement of giant and revolutionary projects, at the level of individuals, institutions and countries.

Our track record speaks massively about our approach. Over the past decade, we’ve helped hundreds of companies regain financial stability. Not only do we offer some of the most effective solutions available, but we also take pride in our speedy implementation skills.

With a rich history of financing mega projects in Asia, Africa and Europe, MCI has completed many projects in the Middle East, and is ready to provide constructive solutions to companies, institutions and countries.

MCI seeks to put its professional mark on projects and economies by providing economic advice to support the largest institutions and countries, and to become the major developmental advisory and financing institution in the Middle East and North Africa, and then in the whole world.

MCI contributes to the success of projects through its advisory and financing services, as it specializes in providing financial advice and project development advice: feasibility studies, evaluations, financial and marketing restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and acquisitions.

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