MCI mass capital investment logo is an international development institution specializing in financing and infrastructure development and investment.

Frequency Asked Questions


Frequency Asked Questions

We provide a diversified package of funding solutions and a wide range of financial consultation services like: 

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluations
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Buyouts
  • Merging
  • Acquisitions

We successfully managed +400 Million USD financing operations in Egypt, Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

  • SMBC Bank International plc:

A wholly owned subsidiary of SMBC, a top-tier Japanese bank and core members of SMEG, a Tokyo-based holding company that is ranked amongst the largest banks globally by total assets.

  • Amaltheia Financial Group 

Amaltheia Financial Group is a fast-growing investment and advisory group with staff and collaborators throughout the world.

 The Group’s objective is to identify and realize value creation opportunities based on a combination of profitability enhancements and financial restructuring, with a focus on asset-backed industries.

  • Countries seeking funding for mega governmental projects.
  • Municipalities seeking funding for infrastructure projects.
  • Companies need to fund their projects: Joint ventures with governments or have guaranteed sales contracts with governments.
  • Companies and individuals who need feasibility studies, evaluations, a financial restructuring, or a consultation in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, health, E-commerce, etc.

We have the resources to handle projects up to 13 Billion Dollars.

  • Interest Rate Range:

From 1% to 3%

  • Loan Repayment Period

From 12 years up to 25 years

  • Long Grace Period

  • Bank Guarantee (Preferably from top 25 Banks)
  • Standby letter of credit (SBLC)
  • Issuing bonds (Development Bond, Treasury bond,
  • certificates)
  • Sovereign Guarantee
  • Ownership of Mineral Reserves
  • MTN / LTN
  • Blocked Funds by MT760
  • Any international instrument that have ISIN # and can be verified

Note that:

  • The application should be made in the form of an official submission from the project owner.
  • Financial bank instrument of at least 35% of the face value is required to mitigate Mass Capital Investment's risk.
  • Funding starts 21-30 days after collateral is delivered and verified.
  • First disbursement, can be made by tranches or in total.

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